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Cathy Haase, a native New Yorker and actress, has landed major roles in vehicles running the filmmaking gamut from Berlin avant-garde to Hollywood action. She is at home in a variety of roles, such as the stripper Danny Lee in a gritty adaptation of Jim Thompson's The Kill-Off, the wisecracking bartender in Another 48 Hrs., or the stoic pioneer of The Ballad of Little Jo. A complete list of her films can be found on IMDb.com.

As a faculty member of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, she teaches her course, Acting for Film, to young filmmakers. She teaches workshops privately or through hosting theaters in New York, Vermont, and Europe. She is a lifetime member of the prestigious Actors Studio, where she has also taught sense-memory workshops. She resides in Manhattan and is married to artist and scientific illustrator Steve Thurston. Acting for Film is her first book.

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Film Making

Film Making

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