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The most commonly used method of communicating to agents and managers what actors are needed for which auditions is done through Breakdown Services. The Breakdown Services is an independent company that sends a list of all of the projects that are casting to all agents and managers who pay for the service. This list is sent out Monday through Friday, every week of the year, and includes all branches of the entertainment industry: films, television, commercials, special appearances, and all types of theater. The producers, directors, and casting agents who post the auditions with Breakdown Services can do so free of charge. You must be a franchised agent with the three acting unions, SAG, AEA, and AFTRA, or a manager referred by three franchised agents in order to subscribe to the Breakdown Services. It is illegal for anyone else, including actors, to receive eo the breakdowns.

of A breakdown is the list of characters in a screenplay and their types. £ This usually includes their age, race, what they look like, ethnicity and < personality traits. Sometimes, it includes a brief synopsis of what the 5 character does in the movie, whether it's a lead, supporting, day player, cameo, etc. The agents and managers sign a confidentiality agreement that they will not release the breakdown to actors or other third parties. In other words, actors are only supposed to be told about an audition through an agent or manager who is submitting them for a specific part. The descriptions of the characters are written by any number of people: the casting agent or an assistant, a production assistant working on the project, or for an extra fee, Breakdown Services will do it. Sometimes, the director of a movie will write the breakdown, but rarely. The descriptions vary greatly in their style, accuracy, and content. What this means to the actor is, you really never know how accurate the information that has been filtered down to you is in terms of the director's original view of the character. As an actor going into an audition, you should never worry about whether or not you are right for the part. That is something that the director will decide when he sees your audition. Never make that decision for him or let thoughts about it affect your work.

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Film Making

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