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Knowing or understanding how movies are made and what to expect while making them will not necessarily make you a better actor, but, if nothing else, it helps you to communicate with your director and comprehend what is happening around you. You become part of the milieu, you speak the language, you stay out of the way, and you know how to behave on the set. Understanding how movies are made helps you focus your attention on your job as the actor. It helps you to do a better job.

I am not a filmmaker, so there are many things about the making of films that I do not understand. People who are filmmakers, whether they are seasoned professionals or novices learning their craft, try to keep abreast of all of the exciting technological advances—in fact, it becomes a life-long pursuit. As an actor, you are concerned more with the execution and development of your own acting, rather than how it will be photographed. However, there is much information that is useful and will help you to be better equipped for the " experiences and procedures that you encounter as you begin to work in front « of the camera. I will try to break down some of the experiences in different £ types of filmmaking, from the student film to the Hollywood movie, to help < you prepare more efficiently and to fit into the environment around you. u

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Film Making

Film Making

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