Neutral Walk

Bag mask exercises are framed by a neutral walk entrance and exit. In the neutral walk, you move from point A to point B with just the amount of energy required to traverse the studio. This does not imply low-energy slouching or shuffling. Your neutral walk should have physical integrity without excess tension.

A well-executed neutral walk allows you to enter the performance space without commenting on your work. The audience perceives you walking into the space, going about your business, ready to perform—nothing more, nothing less. At the moment you put on the bag, both you and the audience focus on the significance of the initial transformation. Your performance proceeds from there.

When you have finished performing, take off the bag and look at your audience. Do not stare. Do not laugh or grimace. Relax your face. Remain neutral about your creative efforts. Maintain neutrality during your exit walk. Framed by neutral walks, your performance stands on its own merits.

Exercise 2.1: Neutral Walk fifteen minutes—rehearsal

1. Stand with your feet at shoulders' distance.

2. Relax your arms, legs, hands, feet, and butt.

3. Allow your head to float easily atop your aligned spine.

4. Breathe deeply and relax your face.

5. Walk from one side of the studio to another.

6. Check for unnecessary physical tension.

7. Breathe to tension spots and release.

8. Roll easily through your feet as you continue to breathe easily.

9. Stand, and then scan your body and face relaxed. 10. Repeat the neutral walk several times.

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