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The Body Language Project is the perfect mix of art and science. This project seeks to teach you about how body language and tones can signal far more than most people let on. You will be able to easy figure out what people are thinking and feeling just from the body language that you see and the micro expressions that you pick up on. All you have to do is learn the simple set of instructions that gives you the code to figuring out why people do what they do. This book is full peer-reviewed and gives you all of the information that you need to learn how to seduce like a master, no matter how previously attractive you have been to women or men before. Body language is one of the biggest foundations to dating relationships; learning to read body language puts you miles ahead of other people! Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this ebook, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I decided to buy a copy myself to find out what all the publicity was about.

This e-book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

Reading Her Body Sex Signals Decoded

This eBook guide shows you how to stop wasting time picking up girls that are not interested in you and find all the ones that are. This shows you how to read a woman's body language in any situation in order to find out if she wants you or not. After you know who's interested, talking to girls is easy! All you have to do is learn how to find out who likes you Then the dating game is yours for the taking. This book can have your learning how the attraction process works and how to put it into action, and you can be learning and applying what you know in the next 15 minutes. Someone's body will always tell you what they are thinking. You just have to know what to look for. So stop wasting time waiting around for someone to show interest, and go after the girls that want you!

Reading Her Body Sex Signals Decoded Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Christopher Phillip and Jon Chandler
Official Website:
Price: $9.97

The Need for People Skills

These skills are vital for effective relationships. Without them, you risk misunderstandings, even chaos in your project. Communication is either verbal (words as well as the tone and volume of our voice) or nonverbal (facial expressions, body language, and gestures). Nonverbal Do you look at people as you talk or listen, or are you distracted Does your body language say that you are nervous or inattentive, or calm and in control

To Be Heard Vocal Work

I emphasized the necessity for the body work because an actor's body language is being read the moment he walks into the audition space, be it a room or a stage. Equally as important is his voice, since his vocal production is also being judged the second he opens his mouth. As Lynn Singer, a vocal coach at the T. Schreiber Studio, asks, If you sent in only your voice, would you get the role

The Who Am I Exercise

So I call their attention to clues other than the words themselves and point out that John may have been making the whole thing up, improvising to satisfy my demand. How do we know if what he says is the truth or simply a scenario And I urge them to recall his movement, his body language. Who did he look at most of

Integrating Performance And Other Cinematic Elements

The central place of narrative means that in most films, actors adjust the quality and energy of their gestures, voices, and actions to communicate their characters' shifting desires and dynamic relationships with other characters. At each moment of the film, actors' perfor

The Return of the Repressed

At the crucial moment in the conflict when Matthew Garth begins to fight Dunson, thus asserting a normative masculine aggression, Hawks cuts to a rare close-up of Groot, who exclaims It's gonna be all right. For fourteen years I've been scared . . . but it's gonna be all right. It seems an inescapable conclusion to assume that what Groot has been scared of is the inability of these two men to resolve the different but interrelated problems of their masculine identities. Matt enters full manhood only when he is able to stand up to Dunson and resist the tyranny of the father, shedding his feminine passivity for a socially sanctioned masculine aggressiveness Dunson, on the other hand, is redeemed by his ability to show compassion and admit he was wrong, signaled by his advice to Matt as they lie sprawled on the ground, You better marry her. Both characters undergo an adjustment of gender roles that restores social harmony by admitting feminine values and insights into male relationships,...

White Stain in the Midst of Blackness

This revelation articulates with the second historically freighted aspect of the scene, not only the way it reflects on the still-extant racial-spatial order of Los Angeles, but also the way it speaks to the performance demands imposed by the racial divide. While seated in Joppy's, Easy is casually attired (he is wearing an undershirt and has a pencil stuck behind his ear) and has a relaxed body language. In contrast, in an almost immediate flashback scene, in which he has gone to speak to the foreman at the aircraft company to try and get his job back, Easy appears in a shirt and jacket his body language is stiff and formal as he stands there literally with hat in hand.

Working from the Outside in as an Actor and Writer

BODY LANGUAGE A character's body language begins with the way the character holds himself. Look around and you'll notice how people in the real world walk and move. Their physicality tells you a great deal about them. If they walk stoop-shouldered, head down, eyes to the floor, it's a reliable indication of something about their personality. If someone holds his head high, chest out, looks straight ahead, with a warm smile on his face, that tells us something else about him, doesn't it A character's physical attributes can be a great aid in helping to trigger the imagination. It's a useful tool that you shouldn't overlook in developing your character monologues.

The Skin And The Overall

Could use one of these sense memories to cloak yourself in the imaginary warmth of a summer's night and keep your concentration on the scene, instead of on the fact that you are freezing. If you have learned how to engage your skin in the realms of your sensorial imagination, then you will be able to create the body language appropriate to a warm summer's night, rather than that of an actor going numb with cold.

Energize the Pitch

People in a position to green light a project have heard dozens, even hundreds, of pitches so you want your pitch to shine. You want to capture their attention with your idea and with your presentation. As you work on developing your verbal pitch, concentrate on your eye contact, and find a balance of enthusiasm and calm in your voice. Keep your body language loose and relaxed even if that's not how you feel. Speak clearly and memorize the pitch so you can give it without notes. Using a timer as you practice also helps you to keep it short and sweet. Your genuine enthusiasm and confidence can control the meeting when people are as comfortable with you as they are with your project. Forget about yourself, and think about the people who are listening to you as fellow human beings.


In most narrative dramas or sitcoms, the director works with the actors during rehearsal. Some directors give actors the freedom to interpret their roles, while others prefer to direct the actors. Directors know precisely what they want in a performance, and it is their job to motivate actors to explore their character's back story, create a specific regional accent, or use distinctive body language to explore the range of their roles.

The Trained Voice

The comment will often come up in my acting classes that the actors couldn't be heard while doing a monologue or scene. I always ask whether or not the observers believed the behavior of the actors. That's what I am watching for Did I believe the actor's body language Was his face expressive Was it interesting to watch The volume of the performance isn't important to me all the time. If I found that the behavior was truthful, that I believed that the actor was in the place or the situation that he was trying to portray, then I am not concerned about whether or not I can hear him. The voice at proper levels of sound can be fixed later, or even added in later, as is often the case on film productions. (Recording the voice after the film has been shot is called looping. The actor stands in front of a very sensitive microphone wearing the headset that is attached to it. He watches his film performance, as he speaks the words in sync with his character's lips. This requires great listening...

The Age of Innocence

We see what he feels and why he feels it at the same time. It is not a simple thing Scorsese does when he allows red to take over and fill the screen. When the red light floods over Ellen, we're trapped between the objective and subjective and the specific and abstract, simultaneously. It's almost as if we bump into ourselves emotionally. Ellen's body language signals a profound sadness, but the bright red color signals Newland's intense anger. For a brief moment we are left in an uncomfortable place between a powerless image and an active energy.

Matching Action

Shoulder Extension

To provide cut points within shots, directors often ask performers to introduce body language or vocalization within shots. The straightening of a tie and the clearing of a throat are natural points to cut from long shot to close-up when there is no physical movement within the frame to provide the cut point.

Staging a Solo Show

What I like about the solo work that I do with Eric and Danny is the quick change from character to character, and the quick change in body language and voice you're suddenly in another place and time with another character. The less clutter there is around that, the more amazing the transformation.

Note For Leaders

There are always signs that indicate when an exercise has become unhealthy. If you actively watch the actor's breathing, her body language, and the words that come up within the exercise, you will get clues. Many times, I can pinpoint the clue that caused me to stop an exercise. But sometimes the reason isn't obvious it's simply a gut feeling that this exercise must be stopped. Trust your gut.


What an actor does within a shot obviously contributes significantly to the meanings produced. The way an actor moves could indicate confidence, uncertainty, panic, friendliness. The actor's facial expressions may show fear, anger, happiness, sadness. In addition to these examples of body language or non-verbal communication, and to the clear differences in the speech patterns of different actors, a performance may have a particular effect because of what the actor has previously done in other films. Actors may be identified with certain types of characters, and actors with celebrity status can bring connotations to a film that emanate not only from previous films but also from their lives outside the films (see Chapter 11 on Stars). When we see Madonna in a film, is it possible to ignore her previous roles and what we know of her personal life

Body Language Magic

Body Language Magic

Most people don't often mean what they say. How to Efficiently Decode People's Inner Feelings and Emotions Through Their Body Movements, and How You Can Use This Knowledge to Succeed in Your Career, Relationships, and Personal Life! What I am about to tell you might shock you. Many people think that the most popular way of communicating with other people is through the mouth. But what they didn't know is that actual verbal communication accounts to only around 10 or even less of the overall means to convey a message.

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