Tempean starts its 'A' films

Carry On Sergeant Dracula (Hammer: d. Terence Fisher, p. Peter Cushing)

The Duke Wore Jeans Horse's Mouth A Night to Remember


Ealing Studios closes Hiroshima Mon Amour* Carry On Nurse Dangerous Age (d. Sidney J.

Theatre: Angus Wilson, The Mulberry Bush (first English Stage Company production) Theatre: John Osborne, Look Back in Anger

Theatre: John Osborne, The

Entertainer Writing: John Braine, Room at the Top Writing: Evelyn Waugh,

The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold

Writing: Richard Hoggart,

The Uses of Literacy Broadcasting: BBC reduces hours of the Third Programme Broadcasting: Emergency Ward - 10 (ITV)

Theatre: Harold Pinter, The

Dumb Waiter Theatre: Ann Jellicoe, The Sport of My Mad Mother Writing: Raymond Williams, Culture and Society

Hungarian revolution Anglo-French invasion of Suez

Soviet satellite Sputnik I

launched Anthony Eden resigns, Harold Macmillan becomes PM Wolfenden report on homosexuality European Economic Community founded

Commercial stereo recording begins Campaign for Nuclear

Disarmament launched Race riots in Nottingham and Notting Hill, London

Labour Party pamphlet,

Leisure for Living Obscene Publications Act

Theatre: Arnold Wesker,


Theatre: John Arden, Furie) SergeantMusgrave's Dance

Cinema Theatre, writing, Events broadcasting


fm All Right Jack Look Back in Anger Make Mine a Million Sapphire The Scapegoat Separate Tables Tiger Bay

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