Special thanks to Jane Loughman, Aren Buchanan, Faye Fulton and the kids, Don Loughman, Willie Etra, Kevin Troy Darling, Pete Dillard, Brian "Crash" Carlucci, Denise Betts, Doug J. Kerzner, Maria Rodriguez, Shea Butler, Kevin Hopps, Carol Buchanan, Sandy Mullally, Kristie Randall, Kim Christiernsson, Heidi Trotter, and the entire 2120 gang (they know who they are).

Thanks also to all the talented people in the film industry who graciously donated their time to make this project a success:

Adria Later, Studio Teacher/Welfare Worker/Baby Wrangler

Alice M. Hart, Food Stylist, Food for Film Stylists

Ambrose Ren, Researcher

Anastacia Moser, Script Supervisor

Andrew J. Zoeller, Editor, Kolbeco Productions

Anthony Sepulveda, Casting Director

Avi Kipper, Scoring Mixer

Becca Levinson, Second Assistant Director

Bill Barretta, Suit Performer

Brent Boates, Visual Effects Art Director

Carol Wyatt, "Simpsons" Animation Colorist/Color Designer

Cynthia McArthur, Fight Choreographer

Dan Persons, Film Journalist

Dan Povenmire, "Simpsons" Animator

David Barrington Holt, Creative Supervisor

David M. Jones, Model Shop Supervisor

David McGuire, Property Custodian

Frank Leasure, Prop Maker/Construction Coordinator v

Gene Glick, Gaffer

Georgia Durante, Precision/Stunt Driver, Performance Two Holly Willis, Film Teacher

Howard Parkins, "Simpsons" Animation Assistant Director

Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, "Simpsons" Animation Backgrounds

Jeffrey Allen Lynch, "Simpsons" Animation Director

Jennie Wanniski, Special Effects Fabricator

Jennifer D'Angelo, Set Dresser

John Roesch, Foley Artist, Warner Bros. Studio

Kevin Clash, Puppeteer

Kevin Holden, Production Coordinator

Kirk Thatcher, Producer/Creature Designer

Marc Spiegel, Location Manager/Scout

Marie Pfieffer, Still Photographer

Mark Phillips, Assistant Prop Master

Martin Dunn, Digitizer

Mary Jo Lang, Foley Mixer, Warner Bros. Studio

Matt Bordofsky, First Assistant Director

Patrick Moraz, Composer

Pete Michels, "Simpsons" Animation Timer

Rick Canelli, Recordist, Warner Bros. Studio

Robert Bennett, Stand-In

Robert E. Collins, Director of Photography

"Skids" Poppe, Driver

Steve Whitmire, Puppeteer

Susan Nininger, Costume Designer

William "Billy" Thomasson, Makeup Artist


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