Animal Wrangler

Don't confuse animal wrangler with animal trainer. They are not necessarily the same thing. True, you should have experience with whatever type of animal you're wrangling, but you're not really training them. It's more of an entry level to the world of animal training.

The main job of an animal wrangler, also called animal handler, is to keep a group of animals in line and doing what they are supposed to be doing. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, there was a snake wrangler. Batman Returns had a penguin wrangler. Eight Legged Freaks had a spider wrangler. In each case, the wrangler had to make sure the animals stayed within the shot. If, during the tomb sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of the snakes happened to slither away between takes, the wrangler had to put it back.

A wrangler or handler is also responsible for individual animals, such as horses. The handler should be able to instruct the actor in the proper handling of the creature while the cameras are rolling. If the actor has to ride the horse, then the handler must be able to give the actor at least enough instruction to make it look as if the actor actually knows how to ride.

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