Assistant Property Custodian

The assistant property custodian, or assistant prop master, spends a lot of time on set. Mark Phillips started out as an art department assistant and was promoted to assistant property manager while working on a low-budget film. His job went from general to specific, and he became responsible for having the props on set when the director called for them. He would give them to the actors before the scene started and take them away when the shot was over. Whenever he had spare time, Mark also had to make sure the prop truck was organized so everything was easily found and the props required for the rest of the day's scheduled scenes were readily accessible.

Before the shoot starts, the assistant prop master, if hired for preproduction, will help the prop master acquire and store the props needed. The assistant may even function as a runner, going to the various prop houses to pick things up. If so, the assistant also gets to decide certain things, as Mark did on his last job. Mark's latest film was a rock-and-roll fantasy, and the prop master left the particular brands of instruments up to Mark, especially the guitars, since Mark is himself a guitar player and knows who uses the different types of guitars and why. It worked out well; the director liked Mark's choices. And on his next film, Mark is going to have his first shot at being a prop master.

But Mark also works on low-budget, nonunion films. A union film works a little differently. You still work your way up through the ranks, it just takes a little longer, and you end up being more skilled. You are also better paid. There's something to be said for going either way. At least you're making movies.

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