About five or six hours after the crew's call time, people are going to be hungry. Not for a light snack—that's what craft services is for. The film folks have been working hard, using up a lot of calories, and they are going to want a meal. Who are you going to call? The caterers.

Catering is very important to a film set. A good caterer can get your crew to do back flips for you. Caterers arrive a bit before lunchtime and set up tables, almost like a mock dining room, for the crew. This dining room is portable, so the caterers talk to the assistant director to find a bit of unused location where they can set up. If it's a cold day, and the tables are outside, the caterers set up portable heaters to keep everybody comfortable. Food is served buffet style, with plenty for everyone. A production does not want the crew going hungry.

To get into the catering field, it's best to love food and start with an existing company. If you don't have any kitchen experience, you'll start out serving or driving, but it's easy to work your way up until you can cook your heart out.

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