Craft Services Representative

The craft services representative is often a very popular person on the set. The caterers show up once, maybe twice, a day, so what do you do if you're hungry and they are not around? After all, you're out there working hard on the set, using energy. You need your nourishment.

Visit the craft services table. The craft services people make sure you're taken care of for all those between-meal snacks. When you get there in the morning, they have a table set up, stocked with coffee and doughnuts to get you going. Throughout the day, they have a variety of snacks and beverages there for you to come by and grab while you're working.

The best craft services people talk to all the crew members as they come by, asking them what they like and don't like. Some of the more experienced crew will tell the craft services people what they want right away.

By the second or third day of the shoot, craft services will have things up and running with individual tastes in mind. The vegetarians will have chilled celery and natural fruit juices, while the sugar addicts will find a supply of candy bars and cola.

Working craft services means you have to get up early and do your shopping before you get to the set. If the location is standing, then you can leave things set up from day to day, but if the production moves, so do you. Knowing how to brew an excellent cup of coffee can go a long way in getting you hired for this position.

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