Creative Supervisor

One step to the side of a visual effects art director is the creative supervisor. Usually found on television shows rather than on movies, the creative supervisor is the prime administrator for all the effects. He or she will interface between the shop and the producers, from preproduction all the way through the wrap and beyond. David Barrington Holt serves this function for Jim Hen-son's Creature Shop.

Although David no longer does any designing, he does work with all the show's designers and is a welcome voice, whether for critique or praise. Given the extent of his supervision, David has pretty much given up any hope of life outside the show during the workweek. The main things he brings to the shows he's worked on are diversity and experience. He has done all the jobs he now presides over and knows what he's talking about when he makes a comment or suggestion. His authority and knowledge make things run as smoothly and creatively as possible and ensure the highest production values around.

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