Creature Designer

In film, all things start with the story. From there, the story is turned into a script, and then all the creative people get hold of it. If the film calls for a creature of some sort, then one of the first people to get a look at the script is the creature designer. The creature designer reads the description the author wrote, which can be anything ranging from a detailed passage to simply "a scary monster," sees how the creature must react within the story, and designs something that will encompass it all.

Kirk Thatcher, who is now a producer, spent a lot of time in creature design. When Kirk designs, he takes ideas from everywhere, from all the books he's read or the pictures he's seen. He tries to design creatures that give away the character by appearance alone. If the creature is supposed to be lovable, it should be lovable from the first time it is seen on screen. The same holds true if it's scary.

To be a creature designer, you should have a background that includes some sort of art training. This training should not be limited to just drawing but should include all the fine arts, and if you add in some mechanical background, it can only help. But don't expect to start as a creature designer. It's a position you work up to, mainly by doing it. Build creatures of your own and learn the process. Put your creations into a portfolio and use it to sell your work.

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