Dance Choreographer

There are a couple of different types of choreography. The first is dance. A dance choreographer designs the movement of any dancing in the film. Even if the film isn't a musical, there may be a scene where the two leads are waltzing across the roof during a tender romantic moment. This scene needs a choreographer.

Most dance choreographers are well versed in a variety of styles of dance styles. A choreographer works up through the ranks, usually starting as a dancer, to get to the position of controlling the action.

The dance choreographer has to know more than just dance, however. Like the rest of the crew, the choreographer needs to understand mood and period. If the film is a musical taking place in the 1960s, then the dance style needs to reflect it. The style is also dictated by social class and geographical location. Look at the difference in the dancing on the turn-of-the-century Parisian set Moulin Rouge compared to the modern-day high school comedy She's All That. With the growing awareness of world beat and global influences, dance forms are constantly changing, and the choreographer needs to keep up with the changes.

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