Electronic Puppeteer

In the modern world of filmmaking, there are all sorts of things you need to know in order to make a creature come to life. A suit performer needs to rely on someone like Steve Whitmire to help realize a character. Steve operates the facial aspects on a walk-around suit. While he continues to do hand puppetry (he is the hands and voice behind Kermit the Frog), the other aspect of his job requires much more in the way of a technical background. Steve has to be able to program a computer. This computer is wired to his controller and tells the puppet what to do. If he wants it to smile, he simply does a preprogrammed move or hits a preprogrammed toggle combination and he gets the reaction he wants. "The only way to learn is to be doing it, to be on the floor or in a film or on television doing this stuff. The best way to rehearse is in front of a video camera, not in front of a mirror— it's different; it's backwards."

Steve began puppeteering as a kid, building his own puppets and performing with them. "The real interest for me has been in knowing how they work and building them," he says. He has spent hours in front of video cameras, practicing, getting his craft down. He is always trying to develop new characters he can use. "There's more involved in developing new characters than there is in continuing the technical side of learning puppetry." In the course of his career, not only have his puppets graced film and television screens, but he even had a chance to introduce one of his favorite bands, the rock group Kansas, at one of its concerts.

Film Making

Film Making

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