Film Teacher

You've been reading about all the different and varied jobs there are for you within the film industry. The lucky few will be able to come out to Hollywood and walk right into a job doing something, if not in the actual field, at least related. But even these fortunate job seekers probably had some kind of experience before they hit the California pavement. Odds are, they got that experience in one of two places: either they worked on some kind of production in their hometowns, or, the more likely of the two, they went to film school.

Okay, so film school may be a good idea, but what do we know about the instructors who are teaching you about the industry you love and want to make into a career? Well, we know Holly Willis, a film teacher at the prestigious University of Southern California. Actually, what Holly does is not called teaching at most major colleges and universities. At USC, she's considered a teacher's assistant, which shows how things differ from college to college. Holly's discussion group includes just a fraction of the more than seven hundred students the teacher speaks to in each class. She is responsible for interpreting the lectures of the teacher, handing out and grading assignments, and generally making sure the students understand the subject.

Each film school has its own setup and emphasis of study. Of all the major film schools, there are generally two directions any film program will take. You will leave school with a degree in either film production or film theory.

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