Foam Latex Runner

The foam runner takes the negative molds and turns them into positive creations. What the foam runner is responsible for is mixing the foam latex (or whatever it is the creature is going to be cast in) to the correct consistency, then pouring it into the mold, making sure it is the correct thickness. If it is too thick, the creature will not be able to move correctly; if it is too thin, it will rip and tear easily, making it useless after a couple of takes. If the creature is an integral part of the film, the latex runner will probably end up making several copies of the creature, either whole or just certain articulated parts that will get more use than the others.

The nice thing about being a foam latex runner is that it is a job not many people want to do, making it easier to break into the industry by doing it. If you can learn quickly how to mix and pour the various elements you'll be working with or, even better, play with latex at home and learn about it, finding a break-in job should be no problem.

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