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Imagine: You're watching a film, and the main character wants to go to an island paradise that doesn't really exist but plays an inte gral part in the story. She does her research on the Internet, finding out all about this place. Then she walks into a travel agency and sees a poster on the wall, advertising this fantasy land. She books her trip.

Now the question is: who created this island? The graphic designer did. On smaller-budget films, this job falls to the prop master, but on big-budget shoots, this could be one person or an entire crew.

The graphic designer could also be responsible for creating logos, computer displays, and flyers the lead character hands out. Graphic designers work closely with the production designer and the director to make sure everything has the same feel. An art and graphics background is helpful to gain the skills needed to give the director plenty of design options. And when it comes to making up an island getaway, just think of the research involved.

Graphic Design for Beginners

Graphic Design for Beginners

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