Greens Planter

As far as specialized jobs go, greens planter ranks right up there as one of the most specialized. The job of a greens planter, as you might imagine, involves plants.

The greens planter makes sure the grass is green, the trees have leaves, and the plants are all in bloom, if that is what the script calls for. If the script calls for a dead oak with branches arranged in the shape of letters to warn off the hero, then the greens planter must provide that. No matter the season or weather, the plants have to look right. If you're shooting a scene in Southern California that actually is supposed to take place on the East Coast, then the greens planter must make sure there are no palm trees, or anything else that doesn't belong, in the shot. If there are palm trees in the way, the greens planter must dress them so they look like trees that are found naturally in the area where the film is supposed to take place.

Greens planters have been known to do things like staple leaves to trees in the winter to simulate summer as well as spray paint green leaves orange and brown and red to simulate a New England fall in the heat of a Los Angeles summer. There have even been times when a greens planter had to lay grass rugs to make the yard look well cared for.

All of the major Hollywood studios have their own greenery departments and plant nurseries. It is not uncommon, when wandering around a back lot, to see a huge elm tree on rollers being taken off to a set somewhere to fill out a scene. In addition to the studio route, there are many nurseries, especially near major production centers, that rent plants and trees for a production.

Most greens planters come from a nursery background and know plant life. It is the type of job that is passed on from parent to child, but if you want to pursue it, a degree in botany would be a good start.

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