Makeup Applicator

If you love special effects and you want to work with celebrities, this is the job for you. The applicator takes all the sculpted pieces of latex, called appliances, that have been created from the actor's life cast and attaches them to the actor. The appliances are the special effect additions to the actor's face that were created by the sculptor and are applied using spirit gum or some other nontoxic adhesive. Makeup is used to blend the color to match with the actor's face so the camera can't tell where one stops and the other begins.

You must have a feel for colors and shadings, as well as a large amount of patience, for this job. When the actor is sitting in the chair for hours every day, you are right there conversing, making him or her feel at ease while you're gluing on laser burns or cybernetic features. A background in regular makeup might also prove beneficial when it comes time to do the actual blending.

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