Mold Maker

How does a creature go from being a stiff, clay sculpture to a seemingly living, breathing monster? It makes a stop at the mold maker's station. Here, the clay creation is cast in plaster (or some other casting agent) to create a negative mold. The mold maker has to decide how many pieces the mold needs to be and how those pieces are to be split, taking into consideration all the nooks and crannies of the original design.

Next, the mold maker casts the creature in sections, blocking the various parts of the sculpture by building retaining walls of clay to prevent the plaster from getting into those areas. Usually a mold maker inserts a marble or some other type of imperfection into a side, which has to be matched to another side to be cast later. Then, as both sides are cast, one has a marble sticking out and the other has an indentation where the marble will rest comfortably. This is the only way these two pieces can possibly fit together. By the time the mold is completed, there is only one way all the pieces can join seamlessly. The mold maker has then completed this part of the creature assembly line and passes the contribution along.

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