On the Fringes

You've made it this far and still haven't found a career that feels just right for you? Not to worry—we still have plenty more things to offer you. You see, making a film is like living in a small town, with the producer as governor. The director then fills in as mayor, and all the other jobs are found around the set. Production assistants become mail carriers, running around delivering script changes and call sheets to everyone who needs them. A film even has its own version of a police force and, sometimes, a fire department.

All films need a wide variety people to handle specific tasks. You can't make a film without someone operating the camera. But depending on the type of film being made, there may be more jobs available than the ones mentioned so far. There are some jobs that are instrumental in getting a film made and shown, but they are not necessarily involved in the actual filmmaking process itself. Even if, while performing these tasks, you find yourself on the set, you still won't be part ofthe mainstream production crew. A few of those jobs are here, too, as are a few that simply didn't fit elsewhere in this book.

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