When someone starts talking about puppets, the first image that comes to this author's mind is Kermit the Frog. Kermit, technically, is not really a puppet, but a muppet, which is basically a sock with someone's hand manipulating the mouth and some rods controlling the arms. And that comprises the common perception of puppets and puppeteering: a sock and a hand.

However, with today's technology, puppeteering has become much more. You can now get a degree in puppetry from some colleges, and, very often, your hand is not even in physical contact with the puppet whose features you are controlling.

Even if your hand (or hands, yours and others) is right up in the thick of the action, the puppet you're operating no longer resembles anything like a sock. More likely, it's a carefully sculpted piece of foam latex filled with electronics that enable it to blink or furrow its brow.

Under the heading of puppetry, you will find diverse job descriptions requiring a multitude of talents and utilizing everything from one finger to your entire body.

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