This is it: the premiere, bottom-of-the-ladder, entry-level special effects job. Sometimes it's associated with latex running or even mold making, depending on the size of the shop you work for, but with the exception of being a production assistant (as described in Chapter 2), this is your way in the door.

The scumbler takes the rough latex creation and, before passing it along to the painter, cleans it up. Primarily, this means getting rid of the seams. A seam is formed everywhere two pieces of the mold fit together. You can see them on any small plastic toy you buy. Somewhere around the edges you'll see a thin line, which may be perfectly smooth or may be slightly raised. The stuff cleaned off of a seam to make it smooth is called scumble, hence the job title of scumbler.

While you're scumbling, you also have to remove the latex that is filling in the eye holes, the mouth, and any other orifice that has been filled in during the casting process and needs to be cleared. From here it's just a short hop into a dedicated creature effects position.

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