Set Decorator

The examples discussed in the previous sections work if the room is already built. The job of the set decorator is to guide the work of the dressers as well as to define the physical space of the room to be dressed.

If the film is shooting in a studio, then once the construction crew finishes the walls, the set decorator organizes and oversees the addition of details such as fireplace fronts and shelving units. In short, everything but the walls belongs to the set decorator.

This is true even if the film is using an actual location, such as a house or an office building. The decorator decides if the walls need to be painted a different color or if the fireplace needs to covered over as if it weren't there.

In each room, the set decorator has worked with the prop master and especially the art director to achieve the correct feel the film's director is going for. Like all aspects of making a film, working on set in the art department requires working as a team.

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