Swing Gang Member

If you want to hang out with famous celebrities, then you want to be a member of the swing gang. These people are still part of the construction crew, and they still have to do all the same type of work the hammers do. The main difference is that they get to do it on set while the show is filming. This means they have to work closely with the director, who may ask for things not on the original blueprints. One story related by Frank, who moved from carpenter to swing gang, told how the carpenters had put in a nonfunctioning door frame on a wall in a barn set to kind of spruce things up. The director liked it so much, he wanted the gang to make it a functional doorway. They did, only now, when the door was opened, you could see the wall of the soundstage. The gang put in a false wall to back up the door so it looked real. Problem solved—until the director wanted to walk the camera down the hallway and through the door, which officially wasn't supposed to be there. When it was all done, the gang had built a complete hallway, including hanging walls over ten feet in the air (the doorway was on the second floor), as well as the door.

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