Technical Advisor

Being a technical advisor is one job you don't have to train for years to do. The only requirement is that you know something nobody else does, or at least how to communicate it.

Directors use technical advisors when they're dealing with a subject matter they know little about but it is essential that the actors behave as if they have been doing it for years. In films such as Saving Private Ryan or TV shows such as "Band of Brothers," the technical advisor was Captain Dale Dye, who could instruct the actors to help them seem authentic—teach them the specialized language and period equipment used by the soldiers.

Technical advisors show up all over the place. Films involving the police have police technical advisors; films taking place in fourteenth-century England have technical advisors who are experts in medieval England.

So, no matter what you know, if you can show others how to look as if they know all about it as well, you have the makings of a technical advisor.

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