Arriflex BLs

Arriflex 35bl Schematic

Shutter: Rotating, front surface coated mirror shutter system, with variable shutter: 180°, 172.8°, 144°. Exposure is Vis of a second at 24 fps with 180° shutter. 35BL-1 and 35BL-2 cameras have 180° fixed shutter.

Reflex Viewfinder: 35BL-4s and BL-4 viewfinders are a full stop faster and brighter than earlier 35BL cameras, and feature a larger exit pupil, ArriGlow illuminated frame lines, and a high aperture 12.5" finder extender with swing-in contrast viewing filter and variable magnification up to 2X. The finder rotates 90° above, and 90° below level with the image always upright. An adjustable Super Wide Angle eyepiece with manual iris closure and 6.5X magnification is standard on 35BL-4s and BL-4 cameras. An adjustable eyecup allows the operator to select the optimum eye-to-exit pupil distance. Finder extenders available for the 35BL-4s and 35BL-4 include a 12.5" standard with switchable contrast viewing filter, and for the 35BL-3,35BL-2, and 35BL-1, a 9" standard, and 9" Anamorphic.

Lens Mount: 54mm diameter PL mount, switchable to Super 35 format. Flange focal distance is 52mm. Super Speed and Standard lenses with PL mount, those with Arri Bayonet (41mm diameter), and Arri Standard lens mounts with PL adapter may be used. Both PL and non-PL zoom and telephoto lenses should be used with a bridgeplate system. Early 35BL cameras have Arri bayonet mount. BNC mount available for 35BL-3 only. 35BL-2 and BL-1 cameras require lens blimps for silent operation.

Motor Drive: 12V DC motor with quartz-controlled sync at 24/25/30 fps, 50 or 60 Hz for all 35BL models. A Variable Speed Control accessory extends the recommended speed range from 5 to 40 fps on the 35BL-4s, 35BL-4, 35BL-3, and 5 to 50 fps on the 35BL-2. The 35BL-1 will operate up to 100 fps with the HSU-100 speed control, specially modified magazines, and two 14.4V batteries. Multi-camera interlock is achieved with the EXS-2 50/60Hz External Sync Unit. Power input through a 4-pin connector. Pin 1 is (-); Pin 4 is +12V. Operating temperature range is -4°F to +122°F (-20°C to + 50°C).

Indicators: An LED electronic tachometer and footage indicator and an audible out-of-sync warning are built-in. A red LED near the footage counter indicates low footage, memory, battery.

Magazines: 400' and 1000' coaxial. The 35BL can be handheld with either magazine. Mechanical footage counters are integral, and 35BL-4s magazines have an adjustable pitch control.

Lenses: Full range of Zeiss Superspeed, Zeiss standard, Arri Anamorphic, Arri Macro, RTH Cooke and Angenieux zoom lenses. See 535.

Accessories: 2-Speed follow focus; bridgeplate support system for CG balance and mount for matte box, follow focus, servo zoom drive, and heavy lenses; video adapter for simultaneous optical and video viewing; SMPTE time code; finder extender and leveling rod; barney and heated barney; Arri Geared Head; director's viewfinder with PL mount.

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