The Arriflex 535 is a completely integrated camera system. Its microprocessor control technology permits shutter angle and speed changes while running — at the camera or remotely.

Movement: Multi-link film transport with dual-pin registration conforming to optical printer standards, and dual pull-down claws. Easily removed for changing to a 3-perforation pull-down. Adjustable pitch control. Universal aperture plate has both interchangeable format masks and a behind-the-lens gel filter holder. Ground glasses and fi

ber-optic focus screens for all aspect ratios available.

Shutter: Microprocessor-controlled variable mirror shutter. Continuously adjustable from 11° to 180° while running, in .01° increments, at any camera speed. Exposure is Vis of a second at 24 fps with a 180° shutter. The 535's program also permits simultaneous frame rate/shutter angle effects, such as programmed speed changes with precise exposure compensation.

Viewfinder: Swingover Viewfinder fully operational from either camera left or camera right. Permits omni-di-rectional reflex viewing with constant image correction side-to-side and upright. Programmable ArriGlow for low-light filming. Nine pre-programmed illuminated formats, an optional customized format module and fiber-optic focus screens. Switchable ND.3 and ND.6 contrast viewing glasses, a variety of in-finder information LEDs, and a 12"-15" variable finder.

Lens Mount: PL (Positive Lock) lens mount, 54mm diameter, with relocatable optical center for easy conversion to the Super 35 format. Flange focal distance is 52mm, and image sharpness is guaranteed due to the rigid mechanical connection between lens mount and film plane. Both Super Speed and Standard lenses with PL mounts may be used. PL zoom and telephoto lenses should be used with a bridgeplate system.

Lenses: The 535 utilizes the full range of: Zeiss Superspeed — 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 65mm, and 85mm T-1.3s; Zeiss Standard — 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm, 135mm T-2.1s; and 60mm, 180mm, and 300mm T-3.0s; Arri Anamorphic — 32mm, 40mm, 50mm and 75mm T-2.3s, and 100mm and 135mm T-3.0s; Arri Macro — 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, and 40mm T-2.1s; 50mm and 100mm T-3.0s and 200mm T-4.3. RTH Cooke and Angenieux zoom lenses.

Motor: Microprocessor-controlled 24V DC motor that operates with quartz accuracy at 24/25/29.97/30 fps onboard, and at 3-50 fps with the Camera Control Unit (CCU), Remote Unit (RU), or the Variable Speed Unit (VSU). It also operates at 24/25 fps reverse with the CCU, and at 1 fps crystal accurate with its phase button. 50/60 Hz is standard. External Sync Unit (ESU) is designed for multi-camera, video, or projector interlock. Power input is through a 3-pin connector: Pin 1 is (-), and Pin 2 is +24V. Operating temperature range is -4°F to +122°F (-20°C to + 50°C).

Magazines: 400' and 1000' coaxial, each with two microprocessor-controlled torque motors. Microprocessor samples and adjusts feed /take-up tension and all other functions continuously. Mechanical and digital LCD counters are built-in.

Matte Boxes: The 535 utilizes a 19mm diameter rod Camera Support System. The Support System includes a full range of matte boxes, bridgeplate, 2-speed follow focus, and lens supports. 15mm rod adapters are available upon request.

1. 6.6 x 6.6 Production Matte Box: covers lenses 12mm and up, as well as most presently used zooms. Interchangeable two, four, or six filter stages, rotatable 360 degrees, swing-away for changing lenses. Geared filter frames.

2. 5 x 6 Production Matte Box: covers fixed lenses 14mm on up, as well as most presently used zooms. Two filter stages, swing-away for changing lenses. Geared filter frame.

3.4 x 4 Production Matte Box: covers lenses 16mm and up. Two and four filter stages, rotatable 360 degrees, swing-away for changing lenses. Geared filter frames.

4.4 x 4 Matte Box: (for use with 35-3 and 16SR systems only) covers lenses 16mm and up. Two filter stages, mounts on Arri lightweight support.

5.4x4 Lightweight Matte Box: mounts directly to the front of any 80mm front diameter lens. Two filter stage with removable rubber lens shade.

Indicators: In-finder Displays: LEDs in the viewfinder allow the operator to monitor various camera functions, battery status, and programmable film-end warning. Digital LCD Tachometer and Footage Displays: camera left/ right; audible and visible out-of-sync warning; visible film jam; film-end; error codes; improper movement position; improper magazine mounting; and disengaged rear film guide indicators.

Electronic Accessories: Variable Speed Unit (VSU) module mounts directly to the 535, and permits camera speed changes between 3 and 50 fps, non-crystal. Shutter Control Unit (SCU): mounts directly to the camera and permits camera shutter angle changes between 11° and 180°. Remote Unit (RU): operational remotely from up to 60', provides an VSU/SCU (variable shutter/variable speed) combination. The RU links the SCU and VSU to permit manual adjustment of the frame rate while the 535's microprocessor varies the shutter angle — all to ensure a constant depth-of-field and exposure. Video Optics Module (VOM): provides flicker reduction and iris control. With Selectable Beam Splitter, facilitates video viewing under difficult conditions. SMPTE Time Code Module plugs in to utilize on-board time code generator, and provides full SMPTE 80-bit time code capability. Electronic Sync Unit (ESU): The ESU, operational remotely from up to 60', provides synchronization with an external PAL or NTSC video signal (50/60 Hz), another camera or a projector, or computer or video monitor via a monitor pick-up. It also contains a phase shifter, pilotone generator, and selectable division ratio between an external source and the camera's frame rate. Camera Control Unit (CCU): provides integrated control over all electronic functions.

Accessories: 2-Speed follow focus with 1:1 or 1:.06 ratios; bridgeplate support system for CG balance and mount for matte box, follow focus, servo zoom drive, and heavy lenses; hand-held rig for shoulder operation of the camera; finder extender and leveling rod; barney and heated barney; Arri Geared Head; and director's view-finder with PL mount.

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