Edge Numbers

These numbers, also referred to as footage or key numbers, are sequentially printed by the film manufacturer along one edge of the film outside the perforations. The numbers on 35mm film manufactured prior to 1990 are located every 16 frames (12 inches apart); on 16mm film they are every 20 frames (6 inches apart) or every 40 frames (12 inches apart). The numbers are applied during manufacture either by photographic exposure (visible only after processing) or printed with a visible ink on the base side of the film. All 16mm and 35mm camera original color film is latent-image edge-numbered. B & W 16mm and 35mm camera original film is ink edge-numbered.

Several changes in the format for edge numbers were introduced during the latter part of 1990. In conformance with SMPTE standard SMPTE 254, 35mm film now



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