Feathercam CM

Lightweight (10 pounds) handheld pin-registered camera with snap-on magazines.

Movement: Cam-driven dual pull-down, dual-regis-ter pins. Six-inch-long film gate. Loop-forming threading system. Simple maintenance.

Shutter: Rotating mirror, 180°, stops in viewing position.

Reflex Viewfinder: Right or left eye. Extension available.

Lens Mount: Optional and interchangeable BNCR, Nikon, Arri (new or old).

Drive: Variable 4 to 48 fps built-in 24V motor; 24/25 fps crystal sync, soft start-up to eliminate slack. Optional single-frame drive. 24V battery, on-board or external. LED fps/footage (or meters) counter with memory.

Magazines: 500' coaxial snap-on. Does not require prethreading. Mechanical footage counter.

Accessories: Video assist, bridge plate, matte box, pistol grip.

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