Frontlit Blue Screen Materials

Composite Components and the Dazian Company supply a useful screen material in blue or green; the fabric is slightly stretchy and has a fuzzy surface that helps to kill reflections of foreground lights. It is not the preferred choice for a white-lit floor. An acceptable blue paint is the 5720 Ultimatte Blue from Rosco Laboratories.

A new backing material is the Stewart-Ultimatte Blue Screen designed for front illumination. It is a plastic sheet material that can be rolled or stretched on a frame. It is tough enough to walk on and is washable. This material is slightly photographically superior to any of the paints for matting. It is available in sizes up to 40' x 90'. Since this material is quite expensive, it is best used for floors where its scuff-resistance is most valuable. The material may be used with walls and backings painted with high quality blue paint.

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