Helicopter Safety Procedures

1. Communication between ground and air shall be established at all times during operation of the helicopter using one ground contact.

2. The individual attached to the helicopter support truck shall be designated as the person to supervise safety around the helicopter.

3. No smoking within 50 feet of the helicopter.

4. Unless you are needed - remain at least 50 feet away from the helicopter.

5. Exercise extreme caution when working around helicopters especially when the helicopter engine is running. Leave and approach the helicopter from the front-with caution. At all times, keep your eyes and head forward.

6. Avoid rear and tail sections of helicopter at all times.

7. Never walk under tail section of helicopter.

8. Do not extend any equipment vertically into rotor blades, such as cameras, lights, sound boom, etc.

9. Carry all equipment parallel to ground within 50 feet of helicopter.

10. Pilots are the authorities concerning all helicopter operations-if you have questions ask them.

11. Never, under any circumstances, throw anything such as grip tape, clothing, paper, etc. around the helicopter-whether it is running or not.

12. The landing area should be cleared of debris and, where necessary, wet down.

13. Avoid rear area of helicopter at all times.

14. Protect your eyes as well as your equipment when helicopter is landing or taking off.

15. Plot plans and graphics will be prepared to locate landing sites, and location, as well as types of explosives or squibs.

16. The pilot in command will have final approval as to aerial traverse and hovering positions of the aircraft.

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