35mm highspeed (300 fps) pin-registered reflex cam era.

Movement: Epicyclic; six pulldown claws; two register pins in Mitchell position. Dynamically balanced. Frame-to-frame register 0.0005" or better. Full (silent) aperture. Shutter: Beryllium rotating two-blade mirror; 120°.

Reflex Viewfinder: Bright upright image; interchangeable ground glasses; variable magnification; video tap; light trap prevents accidental fogging.

Lens Mount: BNCR; Panavision available.

Drive: Built-in motor and circuitry; maximum speed in three seconds. Self-braking; will stop in five feet from 300 fps. Requires 115V AC, 50/60 Hz, 30A starting, 18A running. Ten pushbutton-actuated speeds, 24 to 300 fps.

Magazines: Coaxial 1000' feed and takeup magazines are identical and separately mounted; takeup can be removed without removing the feed magazine. Gear driven, differentially controlled. Automatic drive engagement and supply overrun brake. Footage-used counter for acetate or polyester base.

Features: Sync pulse for strobe light, sync at all operating speeds. Matte box iris rods compatible with Arriflex. Footage counter with memory. Remote control input jack.

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