'Union Carbide Corp. Carbon Products Division

'Union Carbide Corp. Carbon Products Division color temperature be approximately 5500K. The light loss associated with these types of filters is approximately 1 to 1-A stops These filters are referred to as "full blue 50," "full blue" or "CTB."

Partial Conversion Filters — 3200K to less than daylight: These materials are related to the conversion types, in that they provide a partial conversion. These are made in several grades to permit a range of choices for the cin-ematographer.

The application of these materials allows for adjustment in light sources due to voltage variation, the fading of dichroic coatings on certain types of lamps, and to achieve desired aesthetic effects which require less than a "full" daylight conversion. These filters may also be used to adjust the spectral energy distribution of the commercial/industrial light sources so that they match standard photographic color balance (3200K or 5500K).

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