nals and with process projectors in shutter phase sync. Panaflex-16 cameras may be used at sub-zero temperatures with little special preparation.

Camera noise: Less than 20 dB with film and lens, measured 3' from the image plane.

Magazines: 1200' and 400' film magazines are available. Either can be for minimum camera height and for good balance when hand-holding.

Hand-holdability: Handles and a shoulder-rest are provided for hand-holding the camera. In this configuration the camera is best used with a 400' magazine fitted on the rear.

Optical Accessories: Front-of-lens optical accessories include an exceptionally wide range of color control filters, diffusion filters, fog filters, low-contrast filters, black, white and colored nets, full-cover and split diopters, low/high angle inclining prisms.

Batteries: Camera, magazines, heaters and accessories all operate off a single 24V Ni-Cad battery. The normal battery complement is two x cased units with in-built chargers. Belt batteries for hand-holding are optional.

Camera Support Equipment: A special 16mm version of the "Panahead"geared head is available for the Panaflex-16. A sliding base unit enables a camera to be quickly attached and detached and to be slid backwards and forwards on the head for optimum balance. "Panatate" turnover mount allows 360° camera rotation about the lens axis while at the same time permitting nodal pan and tilt movements. "Panapod" tripods, with carbon-fiber legs, are available in a range of sizes.

Video Assist Systems: State-of-the-art, CCD video systems are available in B & W or color.

Environmental Protection Equipment: All Panaflex-16 cameras and magazines have built-in heaters to enable them to be operated in any ambient temperature. Heated covers are available to give additional protection to lenses, especially zoom lenses, to keep their operation smooth in intensely cold conditions. Other covers are available to protect the camera, magazines and lenses from heat and dust and from rain and water. Spinning-glass rain deflectors are available for use in storm conditions. An autobase is available to secure the camera in conditions of vibration, high "g" forces and other stressful and dangerous forces. A water-box is available to protect the camera in shallow water conditions, and a hazard box can be used to protect the camera from explosions, collisions and other dangerous situations.

Time Code: The AatonCode system encodes every frame with a SMPTE time code which is readable by both computer and human being.

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