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The NC camera differs from the "standard" model in that it uses a mechanically different and quieter movement and has other features which make it quieter. NC, BNC, FC, BFC are rack-over models. NCR, BNCR are reflex models. NC model has a four-lens turret, the others a single lens mount. B models are blimped versions.

Movement: Dual-register pins, four-prong pull-down; adjustable stroke. Timing marks on shutter and movement facilitate removal and reassembly. Removable aperture plate with built-in matte slot. 35mm full .980" x .735" aperture. Speed range: single frame to 32 fps. Slot for dual gel filters.

Shutter: Focal plane 175° maximum variable to 0° in 10° increments. Phase and opening indicator on back of

Mitchell Camera Bncr

camera. Some models have automatic four-foot fade in or out.

Reflex Viewfinder: Rotating mirror. Viewing tube same on rack-over and reflex. Interchangeable ground glasses, variable magnification, film clip/matte slot, contrast viewing filters. Adjustable focusing eyepiece.

Viewfinder: External large screen erecting finder. Parallax correction coupled by cam to lens focus knob.

Lens Mount: Four-lens turret, NC only; flange depth 1.695". Single mount all others: 35mm flange depth 2.420"; lenses can be centered on full or Academy aperture.

Magazines: 400', 1000', 1200' double compartment sound insulated. NC magazines will not fit standard camera but standard magazines may be used on NC models with adapter; not recommended for sound shooting.

Drive: Demountable motors for all types of shooting; synchronous motors are sound insulated. Crystal sync 30V DC with 50/60 Hz signal, mirror positioning circuit and audible offspeed indicator.

Accessories: Film matte punch. Matte boxes for rotating and sliding diffusion and filters. Director's finder which takes camera lens mounts.

which camera body racks over for focusing and critical lineup.

Note: There are several versions of modifications available for special applications.

Movement: High Speed: Dual registration pins. Dual forked pull-down claws engage four perforations simultaneously. Removable aperture plate has built-in matte slot. Full Aperture: .980" x .735" Academy Aperture Mask: 868" x 631". Speed range: Single frame to 120 fps (160 fps can be achieved but is not recommended). Standard movement cannot be used for high-speed work. Not possible to convert standard to high-speed camera by interchanging movements.

Shutter: 170° maximum. Variable in 10° calibrated segments to 0° manually, forward or reverse.

Focusing: Variable magnification erect image focusing telescope built into the camera. Through-the-lens ground glass critical focus and viewing when camera is racked over. Built-in contrast viewing filters for color and monochrome emulsions. Interchangeable ground glasses. Any aspect ratio outline available. Camera focus tube has built-in matte slot and permits the making of perfect match dissolves.

Lenses: Four-lens turret. Positive index type, with rising and falling front. Mitchell-designed heavy-duty rotary-type lens mounts. Flange depth: 1.695". Standard and wide-angle matte boxes provide for use of glass mattes, gauzes, hard mattes, glass filters, Pola screen, diffusers, variable diffuser attachment, etc.

Motors: Variable (wild) motors: 12V DC (8 to 24 fps), 110V AC or DC (8 to 24 fps), High Speed. 110V AC or DC rheostat controlled (24 to 128 fps). Synchronous (sound) motors: 110V, 60-cycle, 1 phase AC; 220V, 60-cycle, 3-phase AC; 220V, 3-phase interlocking AC; 220V, 3-phase AC/96V DC Multi-duty (Synchronous at 220V AC only). 50-cycle motors available on request. Animation motor: Stop-motion, 110V AC.

Magazines: 400', 1000' and 1200' double compartment-type magazines.

Viewfinder: Large erect viewfinder calibrated for different focal-length lenses. Available with dual calibrations for any two aspect ratios. Parallax-free follow-focus attachment available.

Moviecam Super 35mm

Movement: Compensating link with dual pilot pin registration and dual pull-down. Interchangeable aperture plates for all standard aspect ratios.

Shutter: 180° rotating mirror variable to 45°. Calibrated at 90°, 144°, 172.8°. Stops in viewing position.

Reflex Viewfinder: Rotatable 360° maintaining erect image. 12" extension tube with built-in 2.4X magnification available. Large exit pupil has heated rear element. Eyepiece adjustable. Anamorphic viewing available. Illuminated frame lines. Integral video assist; external video power unit includes 1 V>" monitor.

Lens Mount: BNCR.

Drive: Microprocessor-controlled motor, 12 to 32 fps in one-frame increments. Crystal sync. 24V DC or 110/220V AC.

Magazines: 500' and 1000' displacement-type torque motor drive. Built-in heater.

Features: Below 20 dBa sound level. Built-in automatic slate. Plug-in circuit boards field replaceable. Built-in cam era heaters. Footage and frame rate digital display forward and reverse. Handheld and studio follow-focus for all lenses.

Weight: 29 pounds with 500' of film and 50mm lens.

Accessories: "Moviespeed" attachment allows programmable speed changes from 1 to 50 fps forward and 12 to 32 fps reverse during shooting, with fully automatic exposure compensation. Time base code attachment. Synchronizer for flicker-free HMI shooting, filming from TV monitors or process photography. Computer diagnosis attachment for troubleshooting circuit boards. Matte boxes.

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