Panavision Panaglide

The Panavision Panaglide system is an integrated stabilizer system incorporating specially lightened cameras: 35mm Panaflex for sync sound, 35mm Pan-Arri for non-254

sound, 65mm Hand-held Reflex and 16mm Panaflex Elaine; a Panacam model supports a video camera.

The support consists of a reinforced padded vest to which an adjustable articulated suspension arm is pivoted. The arm uses either a pneumatic/spring or a spring/cable shock-absorbing system. A vertical telescoping staff attached to the suspension arm carries a camera platform on one end and an electronics/battery unit on the other. The unit can be inverted, with the camera mounted either at top or bottom of the staff. All swing joints and spring tensions are adjustable.

The viewfinder uses video reflexed from the camera lens, a 3Vi" high brightness monitor, flexibly positioned for convenience, and superimposed frame lines. Image can be electronically deanamorphosed or can be reverse-scanned for over-the-shoulder shooting.

The Panaglide also features remote focus and iris controls; illuminated level indicator; 24V battery; crystal sync or variable camera speeds; digital fps and footage counter; and a quick-release vest for safety of operator.

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