Panavision Super R mm

Movement: Dual pilot pin registration. Double pulldown claws. Pitch control to optimize camera quietness. Entire movement may be removed for servicing.

Aperture Plate: Removable for checking and cleaning. Full-frame aperture is standard, aperture mattes are used for all other frame sizes. A special perforation locating pin above the aperture ensures trouble-free and rapid film threading.

Aperture Mattes: Interchangeable aperture mattes are available for Academy, Anamorphic, Super-35, 1.85:1,1.66:1, TV transmitted and any other aperture required. Special hard mattes are available on request.

Shutter: Focal plane shutter with infinitely variable opening and adjustable in-shot. Maximum opening: 200°; minimum: 50° with adjustable maximum and minimum opening stops. A digital display allows adjustments in Mo0 increments. Micrometer adjustment allows critical synchronization with computers, TV monitors and HMI lighting at unusual frame-rates. Manual and electronic remote control units available.

Reflex System: Reflex rotating mirror is standard and is independent of the light shutter system. Interchangeable semi-silvered fixed reflex mirror for flicker-free viewing is optional.

Behind-the-lens Filtering: Provision for a behind-the-lens filter gel.

Optical Viewfinder System: Fixed optical system. System incorporates an optical magnifier for critical focusing and picture composition, a de-anamorphoser, a contrast viewing filter and a light-proof shutter. Wide-range ocular adjustment with marker bezel to note individual settings. A built-in "Panaclear" eyepiece heater ensures mist-

Threading Panavision MagPanavision Platinum

free viewing. An eyepiece diopter to suit the operator's own eyesight can be provided on request.

Ground Glasses: Same as Platinum Panaflex.

Lens Mounting System: Same as Platinum Panaflex.

Lenses: Same as Platinum Panaflex.

Lens Control: Same as Platinum Panaflex.

Matte Boxes: Same as Platinum Panaflex.

Camera Motor: 24 or 36V motors are used to run the camera at any speed from 4-36 fps with crystal control at 24 and 25 fps. Special sync boxes are available to synchronize the camera with a main power supply, with computers and video signals and with process projectors in shutter phase synchronization. May be used at sub-zero temperatures without special preparation.

DBA Rating: Less than 24 dB with film and lens, measured 3' from the image plane. Magazines: 1000' and 400' magazines are available. The 400' magazine can be used, together with a special low-profile magazine cover, for minimum camera height.

Optical Accessories: Same as Platinum Panaflex; see page 70.

Batteries: Camera, heaters and accessories all operate on either a 24V or a 36V Ni-Cad battery. The normal battery complement is two x cased units with built-in chargers.

Camera Support Equipment: "Super Panahead" geared head incorporates a 60° tilt range with a built-in wedge system to allow the operator to select where that range is, anywhere between the camera pointing directly up or directly down, and three gear ratios in both the pan and tilt movements. A sliding base unit enables a camera to be quickly attached and detached and to be slid backwards and forwards on the head for optimum balanced "Panapod" tripods, with carbon fiber legs, are available in a range of sizes.

Video Assist Systems: State-of-the-art, CCD video systems are available in B & W or color.

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