Photo Sonics mm BC

Rotary prism recording camera designed for high speed full format 35mm photography.

Film Transport: Continuous.

Frame Rate: High-speed system: 500 to 2500 fps in 500-frame intervals. Low-speed system: 250 to 1250 fps in 250-frame increments. Special low-speed motor, 125 fps-625 fps, available on request.

Aperture Size: Full-frame 35 mm.

Film Specifications: B & H .1866" perforations.

Shutter: Rotary disc, 72° fixed shutter. 36°, 18° or 9° shutter available on request.

Viewfinden Fries orientable. Boresighting is accomplished through the taking lens using ground film.

Lens Mount: Nikon or BNCR.

Drive: High-speed 208 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz, Y-con-nected synchronous speed motor. Surge at maximum frame rate 60 amps/each phase; running 30 amps/each phase. Low speed 115VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, synchronous speed motor. Surge at maximum frame rate 40 amps; running 20 amps.

Magazine: 1000'.

Film Cores: Film must be wound on dynamically-bal-anced aluminum film cores prior to use in this camera.

Accessories: Video assist on-axis, parallax-free, shuttered video camera or off-axis side mounted.

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