Ultracam mm

Sound level 20 ±1 dB at three feet with film and 50mm lens.

Movement: Full aperture: .985" x .736". Single claw, dual registration pin, compensating link, using tungsten counter-balance for minimum possible vibration. Automatic film location by spring-loaded pin. Pitch adjustment compensated for 3X more change in stroke length at end of stroke than at start. Entire movement can be removed for cleaning; coupling is keyed for correct alignment on replacement.

Shutter: Focal plane 175° on same shaft with mirror.

Reflex Viewfinder: Rotating two-blade half-speed mirror. 41°30' to permit short back focus lenses. Eyepiece rotates 360° using prism to provide erect image. All surfaces high efficiency for bright image, exit pupil 10mm. 6X to 9X true zoom magnification. Anamorphic correction available. Interchangeable ground glasses. Internal diopter accommodation. Right or left eye operation. Video assist on bayonet mount.

Lens Mount: SBNCR.

Drive: Internal 28V DC optically encoded. 8,12,16,18, 20,24,25,30, and 32 fps and by a 10V P-P external pulse of 60X frame rate. Crystal sync -15 ppm over 0° to 130° F range. 50/60 Hz and frame rate output pulse.

Weight: 31 lbs. with 400' of film and 50mm lens.

Magazines: 500' and 1000' displacement. Built-in torque motor and electric brake. Either size will mount on camera top or rear. 80

Features: Quick-release balance plate. Built-in follow-focus. LED counter feet/meters may be preset to any reading; battery operated memory. Built-in heater. Swing-away matte box; rotating feature accepts various size filters with two stationary stages and two rotating stages.

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