This is a high-speed daylight-balanced color reversal film designed for use under daylight illumination or a variety of HMI, xenon and mercury discharge lamps without filtration. The exposure index of this film can be increased to El 800 (daylight) or higher by extended time of development. The processed film is balanced for direct projection or television display.

EXPOSURE TABLE FOR DAYLIGHT (24 frames per second 170° shutter opening) Lens Aperture If/1.4 I f/2.01 f/2.8 I f/4.0 I f/5.6 I f/8.0 I f/11 Footcandles | 6.3 I 12.51 25 I 50 | 100 | 200 I 400 required_

EASTMAN FILMS EASTMAN EKTACHROME High Speed Film (Tungsten) 7250 (16mm)

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