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This online course teaches you more than anything you will ever learn about real estate Brought to you by master real estate guru Austin Davis. Austin has created a system to help you learn everything that you need to know about buying and selling real estate. A few years ago it was not a good time to let too many people in on the secrets of truly mastering real estate, but in today's economy this is the best time in history to be getting a whole lot done in the real estate market. This system has been carefully used and tested by Austin's private clients, and now it is available as an online course to you! You can learn everything that you need in order to start buying and selling amazing real estate, in just a few weeks. Get started now to get in on the secrets of this lucrative market! Continue reading...

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Im a Friend of Marcs and Jeffs

I had first met Marc Hernandez in July 2001 when he was a guest speaker at a Film Industry Network meeting. His story fascinated me. At 34 years old, Marc gave up a six-figure income in commercial real estate to pursue a life-long dream of working in the film industry. He took a job in the mailroom of a major literary talent agency for 350 per week. Upon graduating from the mailroom, he became an assistant to a literary agent. Placing about 100 phone calls a day for his boss, he would briefly chat with the assistants of the individuals his boss wanted to talk to. While talking to these various assistants, he would ask them for their e-mail addresses.

Commercial Industrial Light Sources

The cinematographer on location assignment is more and more likely to encounter various types of discharge lamps. These may be in use for both interior lighting in stores and commercial buildings and for exterior lighting in sports stadiums, parking lots, shopping malls, and for street lighting.

Baby Writers To Script Doctors

Due to the very nature of this job, writers work on their own. In the early days of the studio system, writers were herded into office buildings where they would work at rows of desks, waiting for directions from the studio's head moguls, writing script after script for a musical or a feature being shot coincidentally on the lot. This mass gathering of writers broke up when the studio system broke up, and writers were then given their own offices on studio property. Many of them were allowed to work there year round. This arrangement changed when space became sparse, and writers were then allotted an office only when working on a specific project and for a limited amount of time. With the birth of independent films and their production, writers became stay-at-home workers, and to this day, many work off the studio lots in the comfort of their own homes or personal offices.

The Rise Of Metrogoldwynmayer

The creation of MGM was orchestrated by Marcus Loew (1870-1927), who began building a chain of vaudeville and nickelodeon theaters in 1904 and 1905 by 1919, when it became Loew's, Incorporated, it was the leading chain of first-class theaters in the United States, concentrated in the New York area. Loew began to expand beyond film exhibition with the 1920 purchase of Metro Pictures, a nationwide distribution company with modest production facilities in Los Angeles. Two major acquisitions in 1924 completed Loew's expansion into full-scale, vertically integrated operation. The first was Goldwyn Pictures, an integrated company whose major component was its sizable production plant in Culver City. Built in 1915 by studio pioneer Thomas Ince (1882-1924) as the home of Triangle Pictures, the forty-acre expanse featured glass-enclosed stages, a three-story office building, and a full complement of labs, workshops, dressing rooms, storage facilities, and staff bungalows. Cofounder Sam Goldwyn...

The Doorto Door Approach

There are people who can stroll onto a studio lot as if they belonged there or walk into an office building for one reason, but manage to stay on without being asked to leave. I've always been a little uncomfortable doing this, but certain individuals (definitely more risk taking than I) are quite adept at pulling it off, even with heightened security becoming the norm.

Classical Realism

The arrival of sound added greatly to narrative cinema's arsenal. Recording natural sound, which later became known as direct sound, provided real documentary-quality sound. However, sync-sound recording was quickly found to require some manipulation to appear natural and at the same time serve the story. Sound design was tested for ways it could reinforce the narrative, delivering essential information such as dialogue and key sound effects and music, while repressing potential distractions. Sounds were carefully selected to guide the spectator's attention to specific characters or events and to fit the diegetic space. Even interior scenes began to have distinctive mixes, so that a conversation inside an office building in one scene should have a

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