Architecture Environment

Assignment: Photograph a building (or buildings), showing how it relates to its environment.

Goal: Before you start shooting, ask yourself some questions about the relation between the building (or buildings) and environment. Are they in harmony with each other? Do they clash? Does one have a negative effect on the other? Do you like one and dislike the other? Do you like or dislike them both? Use your camera to help you answer these questions. Decide what you'd like to say about what you see, and say it with your photographs.

Tips: Pay attention to the surrounding natural environment, landscaping, streets, other buildings, etc. Any kind of buildings are acceptable: suburban homes, row houses, apartments, high-rise offices, barns and silos, trailer homes, buildings shaped to fit an odd piece of land, etc.

Don't restrict yourself to an eye-level perspective. Get up high and look down. Lie flat on the ground and look up. Go off to one side or another. Step back into an alley or side street. Get in close. Move far away. If you have more than one lens, use them. Try a wide angle lens up close, a telephoto from a distance.

Student photograph by Jeffrey Richter.
Student photograph by Mark Crew. Student photograph by Derek Leath.
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