Are there any special challenges because youre a woman documentary filmmaker

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When I first started film, there weren't very many women filmmakers and it was hard to find role models. Now there are women everywhere in filmmaking and that's very gratifying to see. I think women's stories are very suited to the filmmaking process, whether it's fiction or documentary, and it brings a certain sensitivity to it. It's wonderful that it's now appreciated and accepted. Recently, because I just worked with a woman, basically Penne functioned as a producer for Startup. Jehane and I shot together, and that was pretty interesting, for two women going into a situation where we were following all guys around. I think it worked to our advantage, actually, because we were not threatening to them. There were a lot of guys who were very alpha, very ambitious, so we were very unthreatening. I think it helped us get into a lot of the meetings and things that we did because we didn't look very threatening. We looked like two girls with a movie camera, so it worked to our advantage. So, if you can make it work to your advantage, more power to you.

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Film Making

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