But that just isnt a way that works for you as a filmmaker correct

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Well, it worked for me in the beginning. What happened is that the filmmakers in the early days . . . I was such a purist, that I believed what you shoot, you edit. And at KQED, at one time I was head of the whole film department, and that was my rule: you shoot, you edit. So even the newspeo-ple worked four days a week; they finished their filming by 5:00 or 4:30, they made arrangements with the lab, they had something to eat while the lab processed the film, they took it to the station, they watched it with the reporter, they striped the sound at the same time, and they edited it. They learned to shoot in such a way that it took four or five cuts to make the news package. So I came from that school, that you had to go all the way. And it improved our filming, it improved our shooting, because we knew that it had to be edited. So I think it had a big effect on the way I work.

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Film Making

Film Making

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