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Sinofsky began his filmmaking career at Maysles Films, where he met Joe Berlinger. The two collaborated on a documentary short, Outrageous Taxi Stories (1989), and thus began their filmmaking partnership. Brother's Keeper (1992) was their first feature-length documentary endeavor, and it became a much-lauded film and one of the most successful self-distributed documentaries at that time. Their next coproduction, Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996), began as a chronicling of a triple murder allegedly by three Midwestern small-town teens, but became more an exploration of stereotyping and local mentality. Paradise Lost 2: Revelations, their follow-up film, was a look at the effect of a film on that situation and an examination of the execution or misexecution of justice. Most recently, Sinofsky helmed a project for PBS's American Masters series on Sun Records. Rockin' Good Night is part documentary and part performance film, looking at the history, present, and future of the famed recording label. Star-studded, it features recording sessions from such legends as Jimmy Page, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Paul McCartney, and Robert Plant.

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Film Making

Film Making

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