How did you expand your involvement in filmmaking after you got together with Irving

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When I got into graduate school, I got into a department called interdisciplinary arts so that I could make that transition. And I made my first film with my ten-year-old daughter, which was a nude study of her. I suppose now I would get arrested for pornography. It was a beautiful portrait of her. That was the very first film that I made.

And then Irving encouraged me to get together with other women filmmakers. At the same time I had been moving towards feminism and I eventually ended up as a women's studies teacher. The very first film that I made was called Self Health, and it was about how to do your own cervical exam. It was a very interesting process for me because I found that you can think you're working with feminists, and you can encounter the same problems that you have if you're working with a male crew. I thought we could do this—this was a very egalitarian way—and it didn't work out. But it worked out enough to get me into the area of making movies. And that film went a long way. It actually was translated into Japanese, won a number of prizes. It was a very much in-your-face film, but it was a good time for that because it was right in the middle of the women's health movement. Women were learning how to do their own cervical exams, learning what our bodies were about, so that was a really good introduction. And it was after that that Irving and I made our first film.

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