How do you characterize yourself in terms of style as a filmmaker Or do you characterize yourself in a particular way

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We've all been struggling for words and phrases for the odd approach to documentary filmmaking in which the filmmaker is not seeking to convey objective fact. Your objective is not to convey knowledge, it's not to proselytize, necessarily; that's my point of view—that you're after something different. And the closest phrase I've been able to come up with is, it's a kind of nonfiction essay filmmaking. It's very subjective. It owes something to cinema verite. But then I do have conversations with people from behind the camera, and I employ a highly subjective voice-over narration which, of course, cinema verite eschews. So I've just taken different things that have seemed to work for me and blended them into a style which also includes a kind of performance that sometimes I do on camera, where I talk to the camera at points that seem critical during the journey that the filmmaker's on. So it's a little bit of performance art, it's a little bit of classical cinema verite, it's a little bit of talk show, you know, where you're talking to people you meet and try to learn about their lives—it's all of these things.

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