How do you think DV will affect documentary filmmaking

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I think it basically puts it into the hands of the masses. Almost every single thing we did as we made any other film, in terms of the digital filmmaking, I mean. The camera's little, but you're not going to make your movie—unless you do narration over it, that type of movie—unless you have professional sound equipment and that equipment remains the same size if you're shooting in film or if you're shooting in video. You have to do that same type of be-on-top-of-your-character and put the mics on, so that part of the process is very similar. You have to carry a lot less and it's certainly a lot less expensive. It gives people the ability to just go out and do it, which is great. It's a liberating thing.

You're able to do a lot more damage quicker with that new equipment.

But I don't think films are made with the equipment anyway. They're made in your head. I think you can give people who make one kind of film, you can give them any kind of equipment you can imagine and they're gonna continue to make their kind of film. It's not gonna change the film. But I think for people who are looking to get closer or maybe even get beyond the edge of what they've always seen as a kind of a wall as far as they could go, I think digital gives you a tremendous leg up. And shooting recently myself, I've seen things I can do with a small camera and it's not just the size. It's the difference between a pistol and a rifle. I would be surprised if I did any film for a while or ever again.


We had to pull him kicking and screaming to video, but now he doesn't want to go back.

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